Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Early Winter

Early Winterscape in Skaneateles

View of Skaneateles Lake looking south from boat launch.
A colleague who lives in another country asked me to take pictures for his collection.  It seems where he lives in the UK they have not had any snow yet.  While, here in the Finger Lakes we were 'blessed' with an early snow that lasted a few days, although as I write this, it is already melting.  When it snows here, the skies are  gloomy, filled with moisture, and I was having a hard time getting just the right shots for my friend at dawn - which is what he requested.  For three days in a row during the Thanksgiving break I woke each morning at the required time for this season of the year    (7 am) and it was always overcast.

One morning I got lucky enough to capture the sun rising in the gloom, and paid for it with a nasty fall on the ice as I took a picture from the town of Skaneateles' boat launch.

Then it happened.  The perfect-picture-taking-dawn.  I arose at 7 am and the sun was rising with just wisps of clouds in the sky, and magically, it had also snowed overnight.  I grabbed my coffee, my camera and my boots and waded through the newly fallen snow in the farms fields at the end of my road.  And I was rewarded with crystal images.
Sun rising on farm field of corn stalks.

So, it was worth it - waiting - for the right moment in time to take the pictures that would capture the beauty of this landscape that I live in; that shows itself when it wants, not when you need it to.  A lesson well worth remembering when the days get shorter and the darkness sets in. A lesson to keep in mind in general.